The only thing I seem to be able to do for sure on this thing is type a post. I can’t add links, I’m having trouble with photos and its really frustrating. Lol So I will stick to what I know I can do. My husband got me a puppy a few months after we lost Zak. He worries about me being home along with nothing to do but think about what we no longer have. I stopped leaving the house for a while there. I know that’s not healthy but we lived in a smallish town and everyone seemed to either know what had happened and avoided me or didn’t know what had happened so they would come and ask where our baby was.

Getting a puppy changed things. I couldn’t sit inside anymore. You forget how warm the sun is. I had to walk and play with her. BTW – her name is Frankie (originally Frank but everyone seemed to think I was mean giving her a boys name. Like she knew!! Lol) Shes a Rottie/Lab and shes very cute. And she has saved me. She’s ripped all my clothes, dug loads of holes, barks when I don’t go out to her first thing in the morning and dug up some of my trees. But shes saved me! She doesn’t need me to explain why I’m crying, she’s always there for a cuddle and she lets me talk about Zak for hours and never interrupts. When your baby dies you should leave the hospital with a puppy. It should be law.

.Frankie - 6 weeks


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  1. Hey Sweety I will probably be able to help you with you blog but will need your details etc. If ya want me to help email me and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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