Goodbye 2006. Bring on 2007

Well I thought I would ‘ pink ‘ things up for the New Year.  Get a nice positive vibe happening.  Clean out the old and replace with new.  A nice fresh start to 2007!  So with all the ‘new’ stuff happening.  Being able to send 2006 on its merry little way and open the door nice and wide to 2007 I thought I would try and get my life, head and body together.

 I do have to say that I’m lucky that the only thing that hasn’t fallen to shit is my marriage.  I do have the most understanding husband in the world.  And I’m so grateful for that.  If going through all the shit of losing Zak has had one good thing come out of it, it is that we seem to be stronger than ever.  Closer than ever.   A weekend away would be nice.  I will work on that.

 We have had the in-laws (his parents) stay with us for 2 weeks now and they left today.  S is off at work and I have had a wonderful time sorting the house out.  New sheets, throws and bed covers for our bed.  God don’t you just love new sheets!!??  And I have re done the spare room as well. 

The Xmas tree is down and I have cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I feel ready to take whatever is thrown at me.  I just hope that if it’s thrown this year it’s not too hard. I’m going to start walking more, eating better, getting more sleep and taken less pills! (Anyone who reads this and knows me will also be having a giggle lol)

So fingers crossed I will be nice and ready for another cycle in a month or so.  With lots of babies soon to be born around me, nice and close to home, I’m hoping that I can keep this VERY positive spirit and enjoy life with my lovely husband a little more.

I wish all those who may read this a very happy and fulfilling year.  And I hope there are many great surprises just around the corner for you all!!


2 Responses

  1. OMG Christmas Tree down…….no, your lying lol!! And I still have mine up lmao.

  2. Bren- I need to thank you for all your love and support that you’ve directed our way- and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been there for you more.
    Together, you, Shazz and I can hold hands and tackle 2007 head on! xx

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