Bad Things Should Never Happen To Good People

You know, bad things should NEVER happen to good people.I don’t think I’m a perfect person, but I’m not a bad person.  And I don’t think having my beautiful boy die is something that I deserved in anyway.  Even if I was a really bad person, he didn’t do anything wrong. I have had MANY friends have their babies taken from them.  They were all good people.  Many of these women (and their families) have had more than their far share of crappy times.Sometimes you just have to wonder what is happening in the world! 

Well once again a very good friend of mine (also a IVFer) is having a ‘not so flash’ time.She’s pregnant with twins (about 26 weeks), and she’s just been popped into hospital with signs of early labour.  I’m sure she will be fine.  I have EVERYTHING crossed for her and her bubs, but I can’t help but remember how I was feeling when I was admitted to hospital with Zak. I know how scared, worried and confused she will be feeling atm.  And nothing ANYONE says will make her feel better.She will be wondering what she could have done differently, what she might have done to land her in hospital.  And she will have done NOTHING!  But that won’t stop her thinking she might have. 

I am VERY sure everything will be fine.  She will be in hospital a day or so and then she will come home.  Only to make it to 37 weeks and then she will have 2 very healthy babies.  She will get be the Mum she has always wanted to be. She is a good person and she deserves to be a Mum!


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