Cycle Number8- New Clinic & The Captain

Well we will be starting cycle number 8 in the next month or so and I thought I would give you a run down of our new clinic and Dr.Now I won’t name the clinic, nor will I name our new Dr, (don’t want anyone to get into trouble) but how about we just call my new Dr ‘The Captain’.  This has nothing to do with the fact that on our first meeting he was wearing a sailor outfit!  Oh who am I kidding??  Of course it does!  The man was dressed up like he was about to go out for a sail. (Probably on his very expensive yacht that has been paid for by many couples misfortunes – infertility) 

‘The Captain’ has a VERY good name for himself.  He has the highest success rate out of all the Dr’s at the clinic.  He’s known as the ‘cow boy’ Dr as he likes to do everything he shouldn’t.  And that’s fine with me.  I will no longer have to source IVF drugs on the black market just so I can up my drug dose. This is how our first meeting went:

* Walked in to find new Dr dressed up in a sailing outfit.  Had a giggle to myself. 

* Some small talk, he asked about Zak.  I cried.  He then told me I was aloud to cry.  (Why thankyou for that.  Was planing on crying a few more times before I left)  * Went over history and then had to ring my old IVF Dr (who was also my OB).  ‘The Captain’ asked my old Dr how his holiday was, told him he hoped a crab bit the end of his nob off (he didn’t use the word nob, he used the word that’s related to male chickens – yes we were shocked).  He then told our old Dr that it was ok for the crab to get it as he knew he had a large one so there would be plenty left over.  This convo just went down hill from there I’m sure my old Ob would have died if he knew we were sitting there hearing all of this.  S and I sat and piddled ourselves. 

* ‘The Captain’ then asked if he could ‘play with S’s balls’.  (No this Dr is not gay, he’s just WAY out there).  Told my husband he was VERY well hung.  I’m sure S was very happy about this.  I personally think ‘The Captain’ says this to all the men he sees for IVF.  Gives them all a little self-esteem boost.  Not that I’m saying my husband isn’t well hung – HOW ABOUT WE MOVE ON lol.  * Then ‘The Captain’ tells me he needs to do an internal u/s.  That’s all good.  Use to those, but he wants me to make a funny sound once it’s in. 

* Then ‘The Captain’ sits us down and tells us how it is.  He tells us we can give up IVF and have some very nice holidays together or we can continue to try for another baby, and be miserable.  He tells me I look miserable so I must feel miserable.  THE MAN IS WEARING A SAILOR OUTFIT!  HE LOOKS LIKE HES OFF THE ‘LOVE BOAT’ AND HE WANTS TO COMMENT ON HOW I LOOK!!!!  WHAT THE??  Of course I’m miserable.  My baby died not 5 months ago.  I’m aloud to look like shit.  (Though I thought I looked rather hot that day).

So we told ‘The Captain’ we would like to look miserable for a little longer.  Not ready to give up yet.  He was happy with that.  Went through the shit load of extra drugs he would give me.  Agreed to give me a huge dose of GonalF and off we went home. Rather interesting don’t you think??  We had been warned what he was like.  Told that he was out there ‘big time’ but that he was a VERY VERY good Dr.  So we will give it another go in a couple of months. 

Let’s see if ‘The Captain’ can ‘put another bun in the oven!!




One Response

  1. LMAO….The Love Boat, soon we’ll be making another something something lol.

    I really hope that this guy is what you need, trust me I’m thinking about a move too!!

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