Our Little Angel

We found out on Melb Cup day 2005 we were 4 weeks pg.  This was from our 6th IVF cycle.  We were over the moon.  12 week scan was perfect.  18 week scan was perfect.  We decided not to find out the sex.  Not much is a surprise with IVF so we thought we would keep that one for the big day.  I had a perfect pregnancy till the day before Mothers Day.  I was 32.2 weeks.  After 4 hospitals in 2 days and some major hospital (RE) stuff ups, our little man was born by c-section on 15th May 06 at 1.01 pm.  He was measuring 36 weeks but due to him being IVF we knew he was just big. (No date stuff ups with IVF and his Dad is 6 foot 8 lol)  He weighed 5 pound 10 (2555 grams).  He was 49 cm long.  His feet were 7.5 cm!!!!!  (His Dad is a size 16).  And he was perfect.  He had some breathing problems but they were getting sorted out.  He started to have some seizures and the wonderful Dr’s in NICU tried everything to stop them.  They found he had some major bleeding on the brain.  He looked so perfect (other than all the tubes) and so healthy but he was the sickest there. 

Zak - 1 day old

He lived for 7 hours after he was taken off all the machines.  We got to spend that time with him in a private room. 

Zak - 3 days oldOur parents came the next day (they were all in Europe and desperately trying to get home).  Everyone got to hold him and spend time. Zak was cremated and we scattered his ashes at Burleigh Heads Lookout on the Gold Coast. Zak’s Place


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