The Golden Egg


We have always been very open about us having to do IVF.

All of our family and friends know. Even my nieces know we need help to have a baby.

When we first got pregnant my 4 year old niece said to us, ‘you have a golden egg in your belly’. We don’t know where this came from. Although we had discussed the Dr’s helping us we had never gone into the whole ‘egg and sperm’ thing with her.

Miss 4 continued to talk about ‘The Golden Egg’ and we never thought to correct her and explain it was an embryo. Why would we?? She didn’t know what an egg was.

As my pregnancy went on Miss 4 would talk all the time about ‘The Golden Egg’. She had thoughts on the sex of the baby. And always asked when it would be coming out.

Our whole family talked about our baby. But always referred to it as ‘The Golden Egg’. It just caught on.

When I gave birth to Zak my parents (as well as S’s parents) were on a holiday in Europe. (Not all together)

When they realised things were turning to shit and fast, they all decided they would do the mad dash home.

My parents had to stop over in Singapore for 4 hours. (I’m sure a VERY long 4 hours to them)

My Dad went for a wonder and came across this funny little shop in the airport. And you will never believe what they sold!!! ‘THE GOLDEN EGG’!!

He rushed to get Mum. He told her it had to be a sign and that he just HAD to buy it.

Mum was worried it would upset us. Dad on the other hand (who is in no way a believer in ‘those kind of things’) was determined to buy it.

So after a few hours of looking at it, talking to the shop assistant about it, and making sure they got one with the right meaning, my Dad decided he just had to buy it.

He picked the one that meant ‘HOPE FOR THE FEAUTURE’.

They gave S and I ‘The Golden Egg’ a few days after Zak’s funeral. They were both so worried that it would upset S and I. But we thought it was just beautiful.

Dad worked out a few weeks later that Zak passed away within minutes of Dad buying our ‘Golden Egg’. And I think that really upset him.

Miss 4 on the other hand walked into our house one day. Soon after we got ‘The Golden Egg’. She took one look at it and was SO shocked. She just stared at it. And then very excitedly she said ‘see I told you baby Zak had a Golden Egg with him. He left it with you when he went up to the sky’




2 Responses

  1. I don’t know about supernatural stuff but that story sent a shiver down my spine and it makes that beautifull egg incredibly special. And you need everything you can hold onto that means something if you can’t have your sweet boy.

  2. Just beautiful B…. x

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