My Dog Can Do Magic

I had my sister over on the weekend with my nieces. We decided to have a BBQ.

S thought it would be nice to do some magic tricks for them. (No he’s not a magician, just a 26 year old with a green silk hankie and the equipment to do the ‘ dissapering silk trick’ – I wont wreck it all for you by telling you how its done)

Anyway ………….. All was going fine. Miss 4 and Miss 2 were having a wonderful time. They were amazed when it would disappear and even more amazed when it would reappear in funny places like from behind their ears and so on.

All was going fine till he decided it would be funny if it reappear from Frankie’s bottom (out dog).

That part of the trick worked fine. BUT Frankie was obviously really pissed off that he would use her bottom for the trick without her permission.

She waited quietly beside S till the right opportunity came along and S dropped the silk!!!!

Within seconds she picked up the silk in her mouth and ran like she’s never run before. With S, Miss 4, Miss 2,my sister and myself all on the chase Frankie swallowed the silk!

frankie-003.jpg Now while S was very jacked about losing his silk. The only silk he has to do his magic trick, I was far more worried that Frankie was going to die!

Her obituary would read ‘ choked on silk hanky’ (now that’s worse than choked on ham sandwich don’t you think??)

I called the vet who told me all would be fine and to get her some bran if I was REALLY worried. That I did.

Well yesterday Frankie did her own magic trick.

Only she really did make the hankie appear out of her bottom!!!!!


One Response

  1. How funny, poor Frankie! I am pleased you had something to smile and laugh about. I hope S buys a new hankie for his next trick! Take care, C

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