Wanting To Be ‘ That Couple’

You know ‘THAT COUPLE’ that everyone seems to know.  The one that did IVF for years and then falls pregnant all by themselves.

Well I was so sure we were going to be them this month.

Just by fluke we ‘ did the deed’ right when we should have.  Not because we were planing it.  But just because.

Over the next few weeks funny things started to happen.

You know that nice stuff your body produces when you ovulate, the stuff that hangs around though if your pregnant?  Well it was hanging around.  I started to feel really tired.  Waking at different times through the night feeling a little sick.  Went off my food, and ‘the bitch’  was nice and LATE!

The big thing for me though was I got my RLS (restless leg syndrome) back.  I had this really bad when I was pregnant with Zak.  Bloody horrible thing to have.  But I was quite happy to have it now because I was sure I was pregnant.

I was scared, a little excited.  My ovaries seems to be doing a funny little dance inside me.  I was so sure I was pregnant.

I was to scared to do a HPT.  Hell done those before when I was pregnant and they showed a neg so I didn’t think it was worth doing one. 

I just figured I would wait till I was about 12 weeks late and then go to the Dr.  I didn’t want to go before then as I just wanted the first 12 weeks to be over without really knowing the truth.

A few days ago the RLS just stopped.  The next day I got a face full of pimples and then the bitch turned up!

What a huge slap in the face that was.

I so wanted us to be ‘THAT COUPLE’.