A Year Ago Today

Its been 1 year since one of my friends lost her beautiful baby Chloe.

I know her Mum and Dad have had a very hard day today.  I have been thinking of them both all day but I do know that Chloe has been watching over them with a smile on her face.

She knows just how much they love her and just how much they wish they could hold her in their arms, and I’m sure she wants them to know just how much she loves them both as well.

To S & N – Your precious little girl is dancing around the stars, skipping through the clouds and playing with all the other angels.

Love to you both



4 Responses

  1. Thankyou so much sweetheart for such a beautiful post. I let a balloon go today with Zaks name on it so I hope he’s got it!!

    Love ya Babe

  2. Your welcome. And thankyou for thinking of Zak, S & me. Thats so nice of you both. G I wonder if all our bubs are not up there sucking helium out of the balloons! He he he


  3. LMAO, nothing would surprise me!!

  4. You are a wonderful friend Brenda, you so deserve a happier ending.

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