I Have Been Googled!

You know I have really enjoyed this whole blogging thing.

Its really a great way to get out in the open what you REALLY think about things, people and situations.

That is until you realise people you ‘ know’ are reading it. You know the people I’m talking about. The one’s that are not on the other side of a computer. The one’s that you see face to face in ‘the real world’.

Once you realise ‘those’ people are searching the net for your blog it kinda feels strange.

You all of a sudden have to be VERY careful about what you REALLY think and feel.

Its a shame really.

Today I saw that someone had googled my name + IVF + blog. Now call me suspicious but it kinda makes me wonder if someone who ‘knows’ me was looking for my blog.

Whoever you are , don’t take offence to this post. I’m flattered that you might have thought I had something interesting to say/type. But it does kinda end the freedom to talk freely about YOU things I need to get out in the open! Lol


2 Responses

  1. Hey B how did you know that someone had googled you, I never knew you could find out that stuff!!

  2. Hey there

    When I go into my ‘blog stats’ I can see what words have been used in search engines to get to my blog.
    It said Brenda + IVF + blog.

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