Channel 10 ‘ Saving Babies ‘

Well you know how all the traffic stops to look at a car crash?? Its just one of those things you know you shouldn’t stop to look at but you just cant help yourself.

Well that was me last night. Only it wasn’t a car crash, it was a show on channel 10 called ‘ Saving Babies’.

Its filmed in a NICU at one of Australia’s best women and children’s hospital.

Now I knew I shouldn’t watch it, I knew it would upset me, I knew it would remind me of what we have been through and I knew it would remind me our arms are empty.

So I watched it!

Apparently there are only happy endings. And ok that’s nice. For those families. But it made me think about the babies and families they might have followed and filmed, only to have the baby die. I guess they just scrap those stories. Film a heap and only show the stories of those babies that lived. I know people don’t want to watch things on TV about babies becoming angels, but I just think its sad that the short lives of some of those little bubs are just thrown to the side. Like they meant nothing.

ANYWAY, I watched, and I shouldn’t have. I got a huge headache, vomited a few times and then lost the plot BIG time. I think I may have gone mad for a moment to two.

Poor S had to come home. I ended up at the Medical Center. I needed something to stop my eyes throbbing out of my head.

The poor Dr must have wondered what the hell I was on. Instead of giving me some pills for my head he decided to sedate me!!!! A needle in the bum and I was out for the count within 15 min.

I wake today feeling embarrassed for my carry on last night, for making S worry, for losing control, for not being thankful for what I DO have and I feel like I have been hit by a truck!

I might give the show a miss next week. 🙂