Zak’s Tree

Ok, while I’m gloating about plants and trees I have not killed I thought I would post a pic of Zak’s tree.

First I will tell you a little about how it came to be.

Zak’s birth tree is a Chestnut Tree. I found a chestnut Tree just before Father’s Day last year and thought it would be nice to give S for the first Fathers Day after Zak died.

I had a plaque made and S loved it.

Sadly when we moved to QLD is was just way to hot for a Chestnut. In fact where we lived in NSW was probably a little too hot as well. So the Chestnut turned into a dead stick!

We fond a lovely Tropical Native Gardenia Tree and decided to pot it and have that for Zak’s Tree. Its doing really well. And we have everything crossed it will flower in May. The month Zak was born AND got his Angel wings.



 Zak’s Tree 2




4 Responses

  1. That’s a beautiful plaque and gorgeous tree. Will it ever have to be planted or can it stay in the pot forever? ((hugs))

  2. The tree can stay potted. But in one or two years (ha ha who am I kidding, i will have killed it by then) it will need to go in a bigger pot.

    The plaque is really nice. I got that from here in Aus. Most of the ones I looked at were from the USA. You can get some really lovely ones.

  3. Very Beautiful Brenda!

  4. Oh Bren it’s gorgeous!! I just love the plaque x

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