New Look – For Now

Yes you have come to the right place.

I know, its not as bright in here as before. But it is clean looking!

Felt like a bit of a change. I’m sure I will have my pink flowers back very soon.

But sometimes different is good.

I do have trouble finding a theme I like.

This will do for now.

I Can See You There Lurking :)

Hello all you sneaky people!!!

Yes you, I’m looking right at you!

Oh you think I cant see you when you sneak into my blog. 

Well I can, well kinda.  Ok, not at all.  But I know your looking cos my stats tell me you are.

So come on out from behind the curtain and let me know who you are.

Let me know if you think I’m mad, a raving fruitloop or if you think most of what I post is dribble.

I wont mind at all.  I would just like to know what you think and who you are. 🙂