I Can See You There Lurking :)

Hello all you sneaky people!!!

Yes you, I’m looking right at you!

Oh you think I cant see you when you sneak into my blog. 

Well I can, well kinda.  Ok, not at all.  But I know your looking cos my stats tell me you are.

So come on out from behind the curtain and let me know who you are.

Let me know if you think I’m mad, a raving fruitloop or if you think most of what I post is dribble.

I wont mind at all.  I would just like to know what you think and who you are. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Hi there
    I think you have a serious drug issues
    I don’t need to tell you that Codeine is for
    dampening physical pain and I am sure you know that when used for
    other reasons it quite quickly brings quite a few longer term
    problems with it- like constipation, which may not be temporary as
    your bowel can get used to being sluggish and not return to normal
    functioning as easily as you might hope, they call it a “paralytic
    bowel”. Then there is the obvious dependency on codeine as with any
    opiate and this dependency extends to your unborn child, also unborn
    child hasn’t got such a developed liver to process the drug, even a
    newborn has a pretty basic liver for a while and finds it difficult
    to break drugs down. The other bitch about it is that your body very
    quickly becomes tolerant to codeine and so you will need a larger and
    larger dose for the same effect. Sounds to me Brenda that you are
    suffering a fair amount of emotional pain and justifiably so having
    read what your body and mind has been through over the past while. It
    is dangerous to treat emotional pain though with opiates. At a wild
    guess, I would say your insomnia is linked to emotional pain. Did you
    know that since last November you can see a Psychologist 12 times a
    year on Medicare with a special referral from your GP. Maybe worth
    looking into, A qualified Psychologist can help you with other
    methods to deal with insomnia and maybe help unknot some of the
    emotional turmoil you must be experiencing.

  2. ROFLOL, Lisa I didn’t look to see it was you and I was reading this post thinking ‘ oh my god she found me here’!!!! lol

    Thanks for the giggle!!


  3. LMAO too funny, she found you B.

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