Just About 1/2 Way Through #8

Today is day 7 of my cycle. 

I have been on 975 units of GonalF for 6 days now.

I went to see ‘ The Captain’ this morning for a scan and blood test.

I made sure I warned him that there would probably only be a couple of follies but not to panic as that’s what I’m use to at this stage in a cycle.

Well look out …… I had 4 follies per side.  So I was VERY happy about that.

We are going to drop my dose of GonalF to 750 units. 

He’s happy for me to have the 900 units but there is some thought that ‘ poor responders’ should try a cycle of 900 units for the first 1/2 of the cycle and then ease off a little so the eggs don’t ‘cook’.

I’m happy to play the game his way this time.  But if I don’t see some kind of improvement in my eggs then look out ‘ Captain’ cos next cycle will be 900 units all the way!

I had my blood test and picked up a few days of Orgalutran.  I have never done a cycle without Synarel.  And never done a cycle with Orgalutran so at least its something different.

So I just have to keep on jabbing and then back to ‘The Captain’ on Tuesday.

EPU looks like it will be on Thurs or Friday.

So far so good.  🙂


2 Responses

  1. Oh B – that follie count is AWESOME!! I’m so happy for you!!

    Good luck for next appointment with the dildocam… x

  2. I will be honest that I have absolutely no idea what half of the stuff you have written about means but I wish you luck for this cycle anyway…x

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