EPU Date Set

Got up VERY early for my scan today.

I swear ‘The Captain’ has something wrong with him. What Dr gets you there for a scan at 5.45 am???? He should be playing golf then!!!!!

All was really good in the scan. Nice thick lining and some nice follies each side.

We were all happy with that.

I’m going to be having Assisted Hatching this time and a shit load of progesterone like last time. He’s also got me on a few different drugs after EPU this time. I love it that he’s doing something different.

EPU will be this Friday. Transfer should be Monday.

Now I just have to hope my eggs are half decent and my embryos are not like a shaken omelet!!



5 Responses

  1. You are sounding (reading) so positive and that is great, well done! All the best for Friday and Monday…. Yummm…. on the look of that omlette!! Fingers, toes, eyes, everything crossed for you xx

  2. I’m wishing you so much good luck!! And you haven’t been able to self medicate this time……….he has it all covered lmao!!

  3. Everything crossed for you:) Good Luck!

  4. Sounds great so far B- good luck for Friday- enjoy the drugs!! xxxx

  5. Love that the Cap wants to mix it up a bit for you — I say when the routine doesn’t work, let’s try something else. Also love your positive energy today… it’s addictive – xo Anns

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