Got No Money So The Washing Machine Shits Itself!

Why is it just when you have NO money (thanks IVF) things in your home start to fall apart??

Last night my washing machine shit itself.  I could have cried.

I must say, its been very good to us.  We have had it nearly 7 years and never had anything go wrong with it.

The ‘washing machine Dr’ said it would cost about $480 (including call out fee) to fix it.  Why would I bother??  I can get a new washing machine for that.  (Thank-you Australian Government for your $200 rebate on water saving washing machines)

So off I went today.  Got a lovely new washing mashing.  Front loader.  Not sure how I will go with that as I like to ‘add’ washing. Lol

Its bigger and better than my old one.

G I wish S was home from work so he could set it up for me so I could have a turn.  🙂

One Response

  1. Good luck with the front loader, I’ve never used one either. I love getting new things though. That is fun! Happy Washing!

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