Just Call Me ‘Mrs Chicken’

Now I want you all to keep in mind that I’m a ‘ poor responder’.

I did get 8 eggs the cycle I got pregnant with Zak but only 2 eggs were good enough to fertilise.

I did get 7 eggs last cycle but they were shit and none of them fertilised.

So I’m sure you all understand that I was going to be happy with one egg that was good enough to become a nice looking embryo.

That’s not to much to ask for is it???? I don’t think I’m at all greedy.

Well you will all understand my shock when I went in for EPU yesterday only to wake up (VERY groggy) and be told I had 19 eggs!!!!

Yes for those who know me …… 19 eggs!!!!


I had to ask again how many. 19 I was told.

When the nurse came back I asked if she had said 19. Yes 19 I was told.

So then when I was really awake I asked again. Did she really say 19??

Yes 19 … 1, 9 ….. 19 I was told!

I was happy that I had 1, let along 19. But I knew that most of them would be immature.

I was given 2 bags of fluid and a bag of protein. Never had to have that before. I was also told that the booster shots I was going to be having over the next 2 weeks were going to be cut down from 1500 units each to 500 units each in-case I over stimulated!! (now that really made me giggle)

We saw the scientist before we left and they told me that out of the 19 eggs only 3 were immature. They had 16 to play with.

It was about this time that I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

Got up this morning and rang the clinic to see how many fertilised. I was so worried they were going to say none. All I wanted was for 1 or 2 to make it. (yes I know wanting 2 to make it makes me greedy lol)

We have never had more than 2 embryos so I have got past the ‘ wanting some to freeze’. I just wanted there to be something.

Well knock me down with a feather, we have 6 embryos!!!!

Yes ladies ……. 6!!!

I talked to ‘ The Captain’ and asked if I could have all 6 put back.

He asked how old I was again and when I said 31 he told me to ‘ get stuffed’ and that I could have 2 back in!!! Lol

Was worth a try.

So now we have transfer on Monday. I am even prepared if some don’t make it. I just want 1 or 2 to pop back in.

I’m sure that’s not to much to ask for. 🙂



3 Responses

  1. Holy crap girl – that’s awesome!!!!

  2. You ROCK!!! Bockbockbo-cock!! Smiling right along with ya Mate!!

  3. Wow Brenda, that’s really good news! 19! 6 embryos!
    Thinking of you for tomorrow, I really wish you all the best for a successful transfer!

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