Thanks For Your Comments

I just want to thank everyone who comments on my blog.

I’m one of those people who gets excited when I get a bill in the post, let alone a letter.

So you can imagine how excited I get when I see someone has posted.

Its nice to know there are others out there who think what you have to say is worth commenting on, and that people do care what you are going through.

I try and comment on EVERY blog I read because I know how much it means to people.

I saw a post yesterday about it being ‘ leave a comment’ week.

I think that’s a great idea and I hope to read more comments from anyone who is reading but yet to leave their thoughts.


5 Responses

  1. “I’m one of those people who gets excited when I get a bill in the post, let alone a letter.”

    In that case you owe me $58.75.

    Please pay immediately.


  2. Oh I get excited when I get my junk mail lol!! I love your posts, you not only make my think but you have me in fits of laughter. xx

  3. I feel the same too, I love mail, catalogues anything (well except bills) and I also love getting comments on my blog. I hate it when you see the stats increasing but only 1 or 2 comments. Thanks for all of your comments, I appreciate all of them. Still keeping everything crossed for you xox

  4. I too love (any) mail!!

    Love your blog, and thanks for commenting reguarly on mine – comments are always appreciated! 🙂

  5. There’s a reason I don’t comment often (apart from my general blog reading and commenting having massively slowed down) – it’s because I cannot for the life of me remember my WordPress password, so I have to keep looking it up in my email. But I do still read!

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