Transfer Done – The 2ww Begins

Well things could have been better, but then things have been much worse. 

So maybe that’s why I’m feeling so calm and relaxed.

We went in for transfer yesterday and I was given 10 mg of valium!  Off my face I was. Lol  Anyone who knows me will have a bit of an idea just how ‘stoned’ I was.

We were told we only had 2 embies.  And to make things worse, they were not the best looking embies either.  But hey, that’s better than our last cycle.  We had NO embies.

‘The Captain’ and the scientist seems so upset for us.  I really felt sorry for them.

I think I am coping well with the realisation that we probably wont get pregnant from this cycle because ………  We have had a baby die.  I don’t think you can get any worse than that.  So a bfn is really no big deal.

Is this a normal way to think or am I suffering from some kind of deep depressions and just don’t know it??????

After transfer I had to go back to the recovery room and was given some brandy!!!! Ha ha ha

So now I’m stoned AND pissed!

I told the lady beside me that I thought the clinic was going to try and kill her.  (very long story and she thought my drunken state was a hoot – thankgod)

And sent home with another 10 mg of valium. 

I guess that’s why I was unable to post on here yesterday.  🙂

‘The Captain’ gives all of his women valium and brandy.  He likes you to be very relaxed.  Your insides and your head.  Hes ben doing IVF for over 20 years and is know at ‘Dr multiple’ due to the amount of twins, triplets and quads his girls spit out.  So I trust he wasn’t just trying to get me drunk.

So once again we are in the 2ww.  I feel calm and relaxed.

Cant do anything to change the quality of my embies so will just have to deal with whatever result we get in 15 days time.

S is playing Hitler.  I had THE most relaxing pregnancy with Zak and I can only imagine what he will be like if we ever get pg again.

I’m very lucky I have a husband who thinks like that.  So I’m not complaining.  But G it will be a long 9 months. Ha ha

Dig little embies, dig!!!!

PS.  ‘The Captain’ makes you sing a song at transfer.  Due to how ‘off my face’ I was I told him that I wasn’t sing.  But he informed me I WAS going to sing.  He made S sing as well. 

So while I was having transfer ‘The Captain’, S, the scientist, the nurse and I were all sing his stupid song!

I think he may down a few valium with a brandy before he comes to work in the morning!!


5 Responses

  1. Fingers crossed for the 2 little embies. You are amazingly calm (not like me with my knickers all in a twist!) which is great.


    Mrs G

  2. Your Captain is a very smart man, after all getting pissed and getting pregnant go together pretty well in some circles I’ve heard lol!

    Wishing you all the luck in the world cos I’ll be keeping those red boots for you and they’re just going to take up space …. Fingers crossed!

  3. The Captain is a tripper!!

    Babe I understand that how you’re feeling a bit ambivalent right now- but don’t feel dejected, lots of pregnancies have begun with ordinary looking embies…. and you deserve it! x

  4. Its all crossed Chicky, although having a UTI you can understand if I don’t cross the legs for now but promise I will when its gone!! xx

  5. Your doc sounds so funny, getting you high and pissed oh and singing…. how I would love to be there right now for about 7 1/2 months straight! All the best and I look forward to great news in 2 weeks.

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