1/2 Way Through The 2WW

Well I’m half way through the 2ww and I feel just fine!

No desperate need to pee on a stick.  I have not been feeling my boobs constantly, I don’t feel sick, I just feel normal.

I’m 99% sure this go will not work.  And that’s ok.  There will be other cycles.

I’m VERY use to this now.

I know I have a week to go before my bt but no, I wont feel the need to do a HPT.

I’m on ‘happy pills’ you see.  They keep me so calm I just don’t have that burning desire to go to the shops and buy boxes of pee sticks.
Hell I have one in my bathroom and I can safely say I wont use it!!!

I brought it 3 cycles ago and never felt the need to use it.  They are evil little things anyway.

So I will just plod along for the next 7 or 8 days.

I have booked in to see our Dr the day of our bt so if it is a neg we can discuss what to do next.


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