Nothing Like A Good Jab

The cycle is the first cycle that I have still been jabbing drugs through the 2ww.

Now I don’t mind the odd needle here and there, its just that my tummy doesn’t feel the same.

Scott is the jabber in our house and hes just about sick every time he thinks about it.

Today I thought I would get very brave and take a photo of his ‘art’ work.

It actually looks much better in the photo than it does in ‘real life’.

Only about 8 more days of jabbing to go! Ha ha



BTW – My tummy is not the greatest at the best of times so please forgive me. However it is a little on the swallon side atm.




3 Responses

  1. Holy crap – them’s some mighty impressive bruises B!!

    So glad you’ve resisted the urge to poas, evil little suckers…

  2. Holy crap! You are so brave! And so is Scott:) I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines!

  3. Wow – that looks pretty darn painful girl. You’re lucky you have a man with the gumption to do that to you daily, I don’t think “Dad” could take it. Good luck though, we’re rooting for ya. Anns xo

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