Good Job It Was Not A Good Tum To Start With

Just as one lot start to look much better …………..



S does some nice new ‘ art work ‘ !!!!!






6 Responses

  1. Ouch, women get to have all of the fun don’t they. Thinking of you and hoping that all of this pain and suffering ends up with a beautiful baby in your arms.

  2. Holy crap B your not suppose to throw the things in lol!!

  3. wow, that’s got to hurt. do you have to inject the same spot over and over? looks very painful… i get my strength from you ladies. Anns xo

  4. I wish I could say S was jabbing in the same spot to get that look.
    One needle did each of those!! ha ha
    Blunt little shits they are!!!


  5. So sorry that you have to go through that, dear. Think of all that oayback you can have by showing the photos at your child’s 21st! 🙂

    As to your question on my blog, I have no idea what my HCG levels are, I didn’t get numbers, just a line. I am really quite ignorant about this whole thing. Guess I just have to wait until my ultrasound to get more answers!

  6. Jeez that looks bloody sore! How many days til your appointment now?

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