Happy Easter & A Little 2WW Dribble

Still 4 or 5 days till my bt. Feel nothing at all but we all know that means nothing.

Have been having af pain but we also know that means nothing.

I’m the first person to tell people to wait till they have their bt so I guess I will just have to play by my own rules!

Its not as easy as when your telling everyone else to wait and see. Lol


I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe time over Easter.

I’m sure the Easter Bunny will be good to you all.

Try not to eat all that chocolate in one sitting! Sure way to make yourself feel VERY sick.

Get into the Hot Cross Buns. Thought they have been out in the supermarkets for about 2.5 months now so you are all probably over them by now.

S has to work over the Easter long weekend so not much will be happening here.

Might get a good book and a DVD and have a real lazy weekend.

Enjoy whatever you are all up to.



One Response

  1. Have a good one B and I’m sorry S has to work how sucky!! I still have it all crossed for you, shyte we need some good news. xx

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