Easter Should Be Full Of Chocolate Dribble This Year

Tomorrow would have been Zak’s first Easter.

I probably would have gotten him a little fluffy bunny suit to wear now that its

getting cold.

I have seen them at Target other years. They have a little fluffy tail.

I would have got him some bunny ears and taken loads of stupid photos that no

one but S and I (and maybe my parents) would have even cared to look at.

Even though he wouldn’t have been 1 yet I still would have got him some chocolate.

I would have waited for it to go soft and creamy and let him make a huge

mess with it.

I probably would have taken more photos of him with chocolate all over his face,

in his hair and running down his chin with all that lovely ‘teething’ dribble he

would have about now.

Zak wouldn’t have known it was his first Easter, but S and I would have.

3 Responses

  1. I hope you understand what I mean when I say I know exactly how you feel. This is no. 2 for us and it doesn’t get any easier, we will always have special occasions that just don’t seem right or fair because our sons (and us) have to miss out. There will always be a part of the family puzzle missing no matter how many more children we are lucky enough to keep. Thinking of you xox

  2. Sweety I too would of probably done the same thing. It also would of been Chloe’s first easter and the poor kid would of been stuffed into one of those suits too lol. Sweety I know they will be all up there tomorrow with the Big Chocolate Smile xx.

  3. I hope you had a nice Easter break and ate a Chocie for Zak anyway.

    My thoughts are with you.

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