Can I Have Yesterday Over Again??

Ok, I would like to retract yesterdays post!

I no longer ‘hate’ pg women, I am not ‘angry’ at pg women.

I no longer feel ‘sick’ when I think about pregnant women and I’m trying

VERY hard not to feel jealous.

Yes I’m back on my ‘happy’ pills. I will stay on the ‘happy’ pills.

I will not miss ANY ‘happy’ pills and I will NEVER stop them ‘cold turkey’ again.

I feel terrible for yesterdays post.

That’s not who I am nor is it who I would ever want anyone to think I was.

Oh and I have taken up drinking!

Nothing like ‘happy’ pills, wine and prescribed painkillers!

What a life I have.

3 Responses

  1. bren you have every right to blog like that when you want too love.

    that is what a blog is, your feelings and yesterday you felt like that.

    Now. *slap* dont bloody go cold turkey you whacko!!!!!!

    There i am done….

    love lisa

  2. Don’t apologise! Even if that’s not who you are, it’s ok and understandable to feel like that sometimes anyway. Keep up the happy pills if it gets you through the days and nights kid :)And yeah, no more of that cold turkey crap ok?

  3. I am sorry that you are going through such a hard time at the moment, I so wish it was different for you xx

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