Those Who Had Stillborn Babies Still Gave Birth

There are many reasons why many of us don’t have our babies with us.

Zak died 3 days after he was born. A neonatal death.

Many women have m/c, have still born babies, babies that die from neonatal death and SIDS.

I believe that if Zak was not delivered when he was I would have given birth to a still born baby. Many have told me that would have been far better for S and I.

We disagree.

We got to hear him cry, we got to see him with his eyes open, we got to see him move. We had a live baby (if only for 3 days). And we got a birth certificate and a death certificate.

Couples who give birth to still born babies get no recognition that they have given birth to a baby. They receive a death certificate but no birth certificate, even though they did give birth.

Take a look at this and spend a few moments thinking about how this bit of paper could make such a difference to a Mother, Father and family.