Those Who Had Stillborn Babies Still Gave Birth

There are many reasons why many of us don’t have our babies with us.

Zak died 3 days after he was born. A neonatal death.

Many women have m/c, have still born babies, babies that die from neonatal death and SIDS.

I believe that if Zak was not delivered when he was I would have given birth to a still born baby. Many have told me that would have been far better for S and I.

We disagree.

We got to hear him cry, we got to see him with his eyes open, we got to see him move. We had a live baby (if only for 3 days). And we got a birth certificate and a death certificate.

Couples who give birth to still born babies get no recognition that they have given birth to a baby. They receive a death certificate but no birth certificate, even though they did give birth.

Take a look at this and spend a few moments thinking about how this bit of paper could make such a difference to a Mother, Father and family.


3 Responses

  1. Wow….. tears are flowing…

  2. Was too scared to look at the link as I am emotional enough at the moment. I understand what you are saying though, I only said to DH the other day how (unusual word) “lucky” we were that Luke wasn’t stillborn after reading yet another notice in the newspaper. We did get to experience some things, yes his eyes open and looking towards us when we talked to him, his movements, his snuggles, bathing, clothing all of those things that people just take for granted. That Friday to Sunday were the best and worst days of our lives. Hugs to you.

  3. powerful. Again, and I’ll say it over and over, your strength ASTOUNDS me. 2 months ago I didn’t understand the importance of a birth certificate for the mother of a silent baby, but your story along with this video continue to educate those of us that just don’t know.

    You are my inspiration.

    Anns xo

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