My Husband

Thought I would take this moment to tell you all about the other half of me.

S and I will have been married 6 years this August. They have all been very fantastic years, filled with love, IVF, hope, passion, IVF, kindness, more love, IVF, friendship, happiness, IVF, laughter, surprises, more love, a miracle, excitement, panic, more love, disaster, loss, despair, more love, grief, more love, IVF and so it continues ……..

Through all of this I have had a man by my side who is my best friend, the one person I know I can tell anything. The one person who is able to ‘keep me safe’ when times turn to shit.

The person I can be silly with, have fun with and cry with.

S is a VERY kind person. He gets on with everyone. (A good balance for me because I’m a bitch and ‘most’ people give me the shits lol).

He’s one of those people who would do anything for anyone. No questions asked.

Sometimes he comes home from work late, and when I ask where hes been, he tells me of the old man who is a customer of his who he pasted walking home so he stopped to give him a lift. Even though he might have to drive 30 minutes out of his way. He does it without having to think twice.

If anyone needs a hand S is there well before they ever have to ask. And EVERYONE likes him. If we go to a kids play center with friends, S is the one stuck in the slide or drowning in the ball pit, even though hes 6’8 and WAY to big to be playing in there comfortably. But he does it so the other Mum’s don’t have to get up every 5 min of see if their kids are ok.

He will fit in fine if there is a group of us women and hes the only male. Not a problem. He is happy to make sure all at the table are ok and have drinks when they want them and enough salt and pepper.

I often joke that he is ‘so’ sickly nice that he must have just missed out on being gay!

I shouldn’t say that. I shouldn’t make jokes at how ‘nice’ he is.

I should just be very happy to have a man in my life who is ‘that’ nice. Who does want everyone to be ok, who does care if my friends and family are upset, who does love me no matter what.

I am VERY lucky and I know it.

Lucky to have met a person who’s life for the last 6 years has been making me fell so loved, cared for and his first priority.




This is an old photo.  But I like it. He does have more hair now, and mine is a different colour this week. But this is us!