Busy Week, Zak’s New Plant, Anyone For Coffee?

Just a quick update. (Well not really an update, nothing has really happened at my end.) Its has been such a busy week here though. SIL came to stay and then we looked after my sisters kids while she went to see PINK. Its been good to have lots to do. Its kept my mind off the up coming few weeks.

Frankie ate part of Zak’s tree. 🙂 So S and I went and got another one. The one Frankie at kinda depressed me anyway as it has never flowered. We replaced the old one with a ‘Geisha Girl’ and it has the most beautiful blue flower that smells of vanilla ice-cream. I will post a pic some time this week. It is suppose to flower all year round except in the middle of winter. Its very pretty.

I have been on and read all your updates but just havn’t had time to post. Promise I will over the next few days. I know some of you are really having a shit time at the moment.   I am always thinking of you all.

Would be nice to all live in the same ‘land of crap’. At least we could all get together for coffee!


2 Responses

  1. I just looked up the plant B and its beautiful. I’ll have to remember next time I want to make aplant disappear to borrow Frankie lol.

  2. I think Frankie subconsciously knew that the old tree wasn’t the right tree for Zak — sometimes they just KNOW.
    Thanks for visiting me and keeping up on my cheering squad!

    Anns xo

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