Blue Balloons For My Angel

Well with Zak’s birthday running towards me fast soon to hit me smack bang in the face (that’s how it feels) I thought I would go and find some balloons to take down to Burleigh on the day of his birthday.

I didn’t want to leave it till the day just in case they don’t have any blue balloons with the number ‘one’ left, so I brought them all today (they are very cute) and we will just get them filled with helium on his birthday.

For anyone who doesn’t really know me well, I’m just a little bit organised! 

When we let them off I will make sure I take some photos to show you all.

Fingers crossed its a nice day.  Only 7 days till another ‘ first’ comes knocking at our door.   


A New Tree For Zak

‘Geisha Girl’

Geisha Girl

The flowers look very purple in this photo but they are more blue. The smell is just wonderful. As you walk past you get hit with vanilla.  It needs a MAJOR  prune but when I brought it they told me to wait till it stops flowering over winter and then cut it back and shape it.   So far, Frankie has left this one alone. Although I have put some ‘dog keep off’ on it and she hates that stuff.

I sent Zak’s old tree home with Mum. She was so excited that i had kept it for her. Fingers crossed she can get it to flower.