In Memory Of Your Baby

When Zak died I was desperate for something to have that reminded me of him all the time.  Something that I could have with me all the time.  It’s not because I thought I would forget, I will never forget him.  But I just needed something special.

S and I were at the shops one day and passing a jeweler.  (My favorite kind of shop :/ )

And there we saw it.  Just what I wanted/needed.

S ordered me a Pandora bracelet with Zak’s name on it.  It was perfect and something that was just a perfect reminder of Zak everyday.

The week my bracelet arrived I also got a package from a VERY special person with a beautiful charm in it.  A silver heart with Zak’s initials on it, joined to another smaller heart with a set of tiny feet on it with a emerald green crystal hanging from it.

It was a perfect fit and match for my ‘ ZAK’ bracelet.

The other day I ordered a charm from the ‘ Remember Our Baby’s ‘ website.  (A wonderful site I might add.  Many wonderful things can be brought from them.  We have a ‘Proud Parents Of A Angel’ sticker on the back of our car).

Anyway my ‘angel box’ charm turned up yesterday and I took a photo of my bracelet for you all to see.

Its a bit fuzzy and I’m not sure if you can see Zak’s name on the charms of not.

But I love it and if any of you were looking for an idea of something to get in memory of your bubs its a beautiful idea.