Happy Birthday Zak – 15 May 2007

Happy Birthday beautiful boy.

Your 1st birthday.

We have missed out on so much. You cuddles, watching you crawl, your giggles, hearing your first words and many other very important things.

We wish you were in our arms every day. We smile and cry when we think about you.

I know you know just how much you are loved.


Big cuddles and kisses

Your Mummy and Daddy


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Twelve Months Since It All Turned To Shit

Well this time last year I had just walked into the hospital after not feeling Zak move much for a day and within 20 min of being there I went into labor.  BANG! Contractions 3 min apart.

I feel a little ……… Ummmm ‘off’ is not the right word and either is ‘foggy’ …….. Maybe just numb?

S is home for the next week and tomorrow would have been Zak’s 1st birthday.

We are going away tomorrow and wont be home for about a week.

When we get home I will post some photos that we will take tomorrow down at the beach where we scattered Zak’s ashes.

I will be thinking of you all over the next week and I will catch up on all your posts when we get home.