A Beautiful Candle & A Gift From My Mum & Dad

My Mum & Dad gave S and I something very special for Zak’s birthday.

I think they were both worried it would upset us. But it didn’t. We thought it was lovely that they found something so beautiful to acknowledge Zak.

It was a pewter swan protecting a baby boy in her wing.

It really is beautiful and we have added it to our collection of things on display around Zak’s photo in our lounge room.

The Swan

Something else I wanted to share with you all was a candle I had made for S and I for Zak’s birthday.

The candle was made by Susan at – Susan’s Personalised Candles . I have had many candles made by her to give to friends who have lost babies or had m/c but I thought it was time we had one made for ourselves.

She does a wonderful job and it is so special to have something like this you can put on display. This was the first time I have had a candle made with a photo added to it and S and I are really happy with it.

So if anyone has been looking for something different to give as a gift or to have at home for themselves,  I highly recommend you taking a look at Susan’s web site. She has many designs/art work, fonts and colours that can be put on a candle if you don’t have a photo to add and you are able to take a look at the front and back of the candle before she makes it up so if you want any changes made it can be done.





The photos I have taken in NO way show you just how beautiful this candle is, but it does give you some idea on Susan’s work.