A Little Bit Of Everything & A Lot Of Nothing

I hate having to listen to the lady over the road who does nothing but scream at her kids. It is for this reason that I sent her a anonymous letter a few weeks ago telling her ‘I’ was sick of hearing her scream and use such horrible language at her kids. I posted it to her and she didn’t scream once for over a week. She’s just started again today. I told S I should have sent her an award for ‘ most improved Mother’.


I am going to apply for my super. I no longer work and my super is just sitting there being eaten by fees. You can get your super out early hear in Australia for medical reasons. You just need to have your Dr write a letter to say you have gone mad!

I have two problems with this and neither of them is that a Dr is going to put on paper that I’m mad.

Reason 1 ….. I think having to do IVF and having a baby die should be reason enough.

Reason 2 ….. I think if your ‘mad’ then maybe you shouldn’t have kids! Lol


To answer your question Meg …… Yes I am in Australia. We are very lucky here. We do have a lot of our IVF covered. We pay about $6000 up front and get a huge chunk of that back. But then our Government did ask us all to start having more kids. So I think they should help. 🙂 (Money wise, not in the bed room)

Its just having the money ‘ up front’ that we have to save for. We still have not paid the credit card back for our last go. 🙂


My nephew was delivered at that horrid hospital I had Zak. (Don’t mind telling you all it was very hard for me to go and visit there)

His eye looked funny and my sister asked them to check it. They said there was nothing wrong with it. A few days later she asked them again to check it. We could all tell it looked smaller and he couldn’t open it as much as the other. Once again they took him away and said they didn’t know what we were talking about.

Soon after she got out of hospital she took him to our GP. He agreed there WAS something wrong with his eye. After 3 or 4 specialists our fears have been confirmed …… His eye is smaller, he is blind in that eye, he has to have micro surgery in a few months to see if they can remove some built up fluid at the back of his eye. He will never see out of it but if the surgery goes well he will not have to have his eye removed. BUT there is still a small chance he will have to have it taken out.

What is going on at this hospital?? If we could all tell there was something wrong and we have no training then there must be a huge problem if they can’t see there is a problem.


My dog is VERY odd. I think she may need to be placed on medication. I think she has a compulsive/obsessive disorder. She went for 2 weeks digging holes, then she moved on to stripping the bark off trees, then she moved on to carrying river rocks around in her mouth, then she moved on to eating other dogs poo (and kangaroo poo) when we go for walks and now she has moved on to carrying around broken roof tiles she has dug up from god knows where.

Frankie At ‘Zak’s Place’



S has a major bourbon collection that is getting way out of hand. He doesn’t spend his pay on it so I guess I shouldn’t complain but we have so much of the stuff at out house that I will have to move out soon. If there is ever a explosion in QLD Australia, don’t panic, its not terrorists, its just my house going up in smoke!


Above is just a VERY small part of his collection! (And I mean VERY small)


7 Responses

  1. Good on you for sending that lady a letter – shame she hasn’t taken your advice to heart though!

    I am so sorry to hear about your nephew’s eye, surely someone should be accountable? If their attention was bought to it numerous times I find it disgusting that they didn’t do anything. It’s just wrong…. I hope the little guy gets the best of care he deserves now.

    Marley has a weird idiosyncracy, she gets her marrow bone in her mouth (biiiig bone, biiiig mouth all stretched out) and just walks around the yard kind of making a weird noise and carrying it for no reason! We’re lucky she doesn’t dig or anything, but the bone thing gets a bit annoying sometimes!

    Oh, and if I was a bourbon drinker I’d be coming to your place for a looong visit!!


  2. I would send her another letter asking if she could make it 2weeks and then ask her even if its 2weeks a month lol.

    I am thinking of your nephew B.

    LMAO on the dog…..way funny oh except for the poo………..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  3. I just wanted to say a Huge Thanks for signing my Blog. Missing Zachary. I’m So incredibly sorry that you had to go through losing your sweet baby too. My heart Aches for you. HUGS Shelly

  4. You guys are so lucky that you get part of the money back. I totally think it should be covered in all countries. It is such a struggle for most of us!

    I hope that things are o.k. with your nephew (you are brave to go back to that hospital). Sounds like the specialists have got it under control.

    And I hope you dog is improved. It sounds like she is bored, or something? I would get it checked out. I am in the midst of dog craziness right now (but I have a puppy and, therefore, hope and pray that he will calm down soon!) The water looks so beautiful there too. You guys really live in paradise!

  5. Meg, I’m hoping Frankie’s bad habits are due to her being a puppy as well. Shes only 9 months old.
    I hope shes not bored, I don’t work so I’m at home with her most days, she gets walked once per day sometimes twice and she gets reg trips to the ‘dog park’ PLUS she has more toys than the average 2 year old!
    If shes bored she will have to stay that way and continue eating poo! lol
    I personally just think shes not ‘right’ in the head!


  6. I am sorry to hear about your nephew, damn hospital, no wonder we don’t have any faith in them. I hope things work out for the best for him and your family. Brave girl going back to the hospital, I haven’t been able to yet.
    My mouth is drooling at the bourbon collection, I am hanging for a bourbon so much!!! I am with you re the neighbour – it’s so wrong, if only they realised how precious these little people really are, send her another letter!!! Hugs.

  7. It sounds like your puppy sure is lucky (what with all the walks and doggy play time). Maybe she is just going through the adolescent stage? I swear my puppy (he’s just a year) is going to start answering to “you little hellion” as he has forgotten all the puppy training at the moment! I think the poo eating is a little weird, but my dog will eat cat poo, if given the chance–sooo disgusting! Is she a working breed? If she is, then all the walks/playing won’t tire out her brain (I’m struggling with this right now). We are always thinking of training things to help get him tired (oh and we send him to the country with a dog walker to hike a few times a week–that really helps!) But he’s still a little hellion!

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