Stuffed On The Inside LOL

Well this thing has gone to my chest. Very nice.

But nothing I can do about that. Just have to go with the flow. Keep taking all those nice drugs filled with codeine. 🙂

Went to the Dr today to get my bt’s back.  My blood culture was ok but he said I have to have 2 more done. So I had one today and have one done tomorrow. He told me that 3 really need to be done as its a very unreliable test. He said if something shows up in that then its not good and he will put me into hospital for IV antibiotics. Nice. So I will find that out on next wed.

They did a few other bt’s, they all came back positive for what they were testing. Can’t remember what they all were but they indicated that I may have an infection somewhere in my heart caused by ‘maybe’ having Rheumatic Fever ages ago. Rheumatic Fever is hard to diagnose as there is not one bt that will give you a neg or pos. So they work off a checklist. I was treated about 10 years ago for Rheumatic fever so because of this he is going to treat me for it again. He said that if he does nothing and it is an infection in my heart it will just do more damage and if it isn’t that it wont matter as one of the other bt’s he did showed that some ‘odd’ (his words) stuff was going on in my insides anyway and even though he couldn’t work out what the drugs would probably fix that as well.  But because of the blood culture being done over the next few days he cant treat me for the RF until after he gets those results back.

If it is an infection caused through RF that explains my join pain and some of the other suss stuff going on inside.  My bt was positive for strep and a inflammatory infection and they both go with the whole RF thing as well.

After all of this I’m really no better off. I have been treated for it before. I went to the Dr this time thinking it had something to do with RF anyway. So I really don’t know anymore than what I did before I had the tests.

He didn’t want to know about my HUG headaches as he was really far to interested in my ‘odd’ bt’s. Everything that he thought would come back neg came back pos. Lol  Thankgod the only thing that is contagious is the strep throat and I not longer have that.

I actually feel much better now. The swollen joints and so on only ever last about 5 days.

The Dr is a hoot. He’s a little strange and I made the mistake of saying to him (when he said the bloods were strange) that if I had AIDS I wouldn’t be surprised as everyone in our family gets odd things.

As soon as I said that he goes ‘ oh G I never tested you for aids. Its not a test we automatically do. If you thought you had aids you should have said something’.

What a dick. I’m sure if I thought I had AIDS I would have mentioned it. Lol  He just doesn’t get my funniness. Ha ha ha


2 Responses

  1. Hi, sweetcheeks!

    Sarcasm is lost on many, revered by few and loved by bunches. You got a chuckle out of me. I would imagine your doc had pain in his back from his butt sucking up in shock.

  2. Oh you poor thing – I was wondering how you were doing. Take it easy and work on getting better, hope your bt’s come back clean… x

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