Cycle #9 Is Just Around The Corner

Ok, so the bitch should turn up tomorrow. She was due today but hell, as if shes going to start doing as shes told now! I’m on antibiotics at the moment and will be on them for at least 14 days. Our house has been hit with a horrible flu but I have also got some other strange things floating around in my system. I’m ok with all of this though. We are going to be doing cycle #9 next month and I would rather be a little run down to give me that little extra chance of getting pg. So next month look out. I’m really looking forward to cycling again. I’m not very good at having ‘IVF breaks’. Just feel like that’s time wasted.

I have spent sooooo many cycles taking a shit load of extra pills and potions that I would really love to do this cycle without anything but folic acid. Will see how I go there.



Now for something different. Came across this on THELITTLESTBEAN BLOG . I thought it was very funny. Just put your blog URL in the space and see what happens. You will feel like your on another planet. 🙂




3 Responses

  1. That is freaking hilarious!!!!

  2. And btw hope the cow shows up on cue ready for cycle # 9! x

  3. All the best for your cycle. I hope you feel better soon. I couldn’t get the link but my internet is playing up terribly. Damn computers! Thanks for your comment via D. Thinking of you. Hugs.

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