Sorry But I Would Not Share

Just jumping in for a quick look at all your blogs.

I will post something tomorrow when I have time.

But did want to say I had a HUGE giggle when I saw that someone had come across my blog by ‘Googling’ …………..   ‘Can my dog have Codeine’????

‘Most’ of you who know me IRL will understand just how funny I found this!

I must say though, as a lover of Codeine, I would NEVER share it with my dog. Now that is just a waste of some good drugs!



PS …. You all have no idea how long it took me to get my packet (empty – as if I would risk her eating my very loved pills 🙂 ) of Panadeine 15 off Frankie. Lol She just didn’t understand that the photo was a ‘setup’ and she was suppose to sit still with my drugs in her mouth and give them back after I finished taking the photos. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. That’s hilarious. One of my dog’s favorite toys is actually a tylenol bottle stuffed full with dog chow. He tosses it around and fights with it until the lid “pops” open and he can get to the food. I think it’s the shakey noise that really gets him going.

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