A Nothing Update That Ended In Me Sounding A Little Strange

Well it all seems to be VERY boring at my house these days.

No exciting news, no bad news …….. No news at all. Pathetic! Lol

S had the weekend off so yesterday I decided I had to get out of the house. Its very cold here atm, just how I LOVE it. But its still very sunny and warm in the sun. We went down to the Tavern near our house. We have never been there before. It was really nice. Nice to be out of the house, nice to be in the fresh air, nice to have lunch together, just nice to go out, spend some money on something other than pills, needles, shit to sniff,scans and Dr’s appointments. I think they call it ‘living’.

S is at work today and I have done my regular Monday thing and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I’m very big on routine. My Monday routine is to clean the house, change the sheets and do all the washing and folding. If I don’t stick to my routine my life falls to shit. Even my Mum knows not to ring and plan something for Mondays. I’m guessing its one of the reasons I’m medicated with anxiety meds! Lol That’s and a few other reasons. 🙂

Let me explain (this will so give you an inside look at how stuffed my brain is. COD is the only answer you will come up with lol)

Pegs! Pegs are a real problem at my house. All my pegs have to be the same colour. (and the same style peg). I can not for the life of me know how people go about their day knowing they have 4 different coloured pegs on their washing line, let alone 3 different types of pegs.

Now my peg problem does not affect anyone but me. So I don’t see it as a major problem. I did however have to buy 5 bags of pegs, separate the colour’s so I can have enough pegs of the same colour at any one time.

Our TV and stereo …… Oh my god. Now this one kinda does affect others. It affects S but hes really good about it. When we turn our TV up the little bar goes up in numbers. I have to have the sound on a number going up in lots of 5. So 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. Same as in the car with the stereo. Ok, so sometimes 10 is not loud enough and 15 is to loud. Well get over it. Either get closer to the TV or watch from another room. 🙂 For this reason S has said our next TV will not have numbers on the sound bar. And that’s fine with me.

Drinking glasses. My Mum has a HUGE collection of different types and sizes of drinking glasses. It does my head in. I cant function like that. All of our drinking glasses are the SAME glass. When the number of drinking glasses decreases through breakage, I get rid of the few that are left and go get my self 20 of the same glass.

ALL of our coffee cups are the same cup and I have no miss matched dinner set pieces.

All of my coat hangers match and sit facing the same direction.

Oh and the strangest of all, I count in my head when I drink. I count each mouthful I swallow and I always stop on a 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on. Ok so that one is a little strange. But once again, it doesn’t affect anyone but me. (unless you want to share the last of my drink with me and there are only 5 mouthfuls left. Sorry, you will probably miss out)

So there you go. I started off with nothing much to tell you, moved on to telling you a little about my COD (self diagnosed) and have probably left you all thinking I’m a major freak.

Feel free to respond with any funny little things you do. Would make me feel so much better to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

6 Responses

  1. How funny are you! I know everyone has their little ‘things’ so don’t worry about it!

    I do lots of things like that, the only problem is that I getsick of them after a while and stop! I don’t think I do anything like that atm, but in the past I have felt the need to grind my teeth exactly in the middle of the gap between light posts when driving (when being a passenger actually). makes for a great conversation stopper!

    Just enjoy your little ‘things’ and don’t thing of them as obsessive, just think of them as the way you like things to be. 🙂

  2. You are funny.

    i have to have the tv on evens, not as far as 5, 10 but i couldnt stop on a 5, i have more range than you, dan likes to stop it on 17, that freaks me out.

    Also if i touch something with one hand that is a different texture, i have to touch the other one as well.

    If i get dan to massage/rub my leg he has to do the other leg aswell, i feel uneven if it is not the other side too. same with if he rubs my hands/back anywhere it has to be even.


  3. The thing about the coathangers – lots of people do that. The thing about the counting swallows – not so much LOL. And I need a Monday routine like yours, a helluva lot more stuff would get done around here!

  4. Funny! And you are not alone:) Here we call it OCD, so at first I was not understanding what you meant by COD. As I was reading it I started thinking that you have a bit of OCD, but didn’t make the connection. From what I know about the disorder, you don’t have it in a bad way. I have a few of my own things, too. I actually can relate to the swallowing one–I don’t do it every time I drink, only when I drink out of my 32 oz water bottle. I do the hanger thing as far as the direction goes (because otherwise it would be awkward to get things out of the closet) but the hangers themselves are mismatched (as are my glasses, coffee mugs, plates, etc.). I used to have a thing where I had to chew the same amount of times on each side of my mouth and if I was eating something with many small pieces (like peas, or cheerios) I would count the number of pieces before putting them into my mouth. I cannot get out of bed on a different side than I got in. It is extremely unsettling for me to cook something in a messy kitchen. No matter how hungry I am, I have to clean up first.

  5. Oh you are hilarious!! I’m way too lazy to be ocd about things like pegs! You’d love to come here for the cold, but my pegs would drive you nuts!

  6. I am with Patience, you would love the cold but don’t go through my laundry or kitchen, it would drive you insane. I am a bit anal when it comes to the tv remotes lining up and the pillows on our lounge suites straightened up every night before I go to bed. I like the volume numbers to be even on the tv too like yourself. I have got different glasses/mugs etc but I like to line the different types up in a row in their groups. I hate the tea-towel on the stove to be crooked too. I think we all have our weird ways to different degrees. Thanks for the smile, I needed it! Hugs.

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