I Would Die For That – By Kellie Coffee

Ok, just so you can all have a little (big) cry I thought I would post this. 🙂

Its a song about ‘wanting a baby’. It will probably make you cry so please don’t click on the link if your not feeling up to it.

The song is by Kellie Coffee and its called “I WOULD DIE FOR THAT”.

Again, please don’t click on link if feeling fragile.


4 Responses

  1. Jeez, that was so amazing, sad, accurate. I think everyone around these parts will have seen themselves on one of those signs. Thanks mate and I hope you get to be holding one of those signs near the end of the video, shortly before you are holding your take home bub ((hugs))

  2. I have to tell you something.
    Every time you post a comment on my blog and I click on your posted link to get to see what you’re up to, it leads me to your old page. Before I arrive, I automatically know that I am going to get to your old page and instinctively click again, thinking that the newly listed site will guide me there. Instead, during the refresh, I always hit on the picture of Zack which refreshed and becomes enlarged. And each and every time this happens I freeze and I stare. I can’t help myself. I look at him and his little nose and all those tubes and I can’t help but look some more and remind myself what amazingly strong company I am surrounded by, all be it over many many miles and through many electrical devices my simple mind cannot even fathom.

    You continue to be my inspiration.

    Anns xo

  3. Haven’t clicked yet, might just leave it a couple of days!!

  4. I have watched this before. A friend sent me the link but Everytime I see it it breaks my heart. Because yes I too Would die for that 😦

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