Virtual World Tour Day

Virtual World Tour Day

So I thought I would love to jump on the ‘Virtual World Tour’ with you all that our lovely MA at ‘The Impatient Patient’ got you all tickets to.Ok, I have been sick again so I didn’t get ‘out and about’ with my camera. 

But I have come up with just a few pics of ‘where I live’ and the places I love to go and visit.

S and I have been living here for about 9 months now.  We live in the suburb of Boronia Heights QLD Australia.  About 25 min from Brisbane City and 30 min away from the Gold Coast.

My favorite room of our house atm is our bedroom.  This is the first year we have had a electric blanket on the bed and now that its really cold I love getting into bed with a good book and just relaxing.

Our Bedroom

In summer I like to read outside next to Frankie’s ‘sandpit’.  We get a really nice cool breeze.


We have some of the most boring ‘off leash’ dog parks you have ever seen.

But some very nice parks and BBQ areas.



We take Frankie for walks down the road to our local park.  There re kangaroos just hopping around but shes not fond of them. 🙂



I think one of my favorite places is in Brisbane.  No its not our IVF clinic! Lol

Its Southbank.  Nothing nicer than spending time on the sand, swimming and shopping in the middle of a city.

southbank.jpgI also love to go to the Gold Coast and spend time at Burleigh Heads Lookout.  Its where we scattered Zak’s ashes as well as where S proposed to me.

Zak’s Place


Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please fasten your seat-belts at we prepare to take off for our next destination.  🙂


4 Responses

  1. I so want to come and visit Qld again – the one and only time I’ve been there I didn’t have the best time ever, nothing to do with the place, just the people we went with!! lol

    Great photos btw….

    Now, can you pass me your airline blanky???

  2. I just love your bed! Seeing that my bedroom is my fav place in my house too, I think you know why 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Brenda – thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I have read your blog before – but was too shy to say hi. So hi!
    Your son Zak is so beautiful Brenda.

  4. Looks wonderful and am SO jealous of the weather. I watch Big Brother sometimes and wish I was up in sunny Qld.

    Loved your postman stories too btw. I have never met an Australia Post person who seemed ‘normal’ but your stories really do outshine most I have met!


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