A Poem From My Sister To Zak

Dear Zak,

Its been a little over a year now

Since you and I first met,

That chin – those cheeks – those feet!

We will never ever forget

All of us are sad,

And miss you very much

Gosh what we would give

For one last kiss – one hug – one touch

Nicknamed “the Golden egg”

It was with you all the way

Until you made your grand entrance

On that very special day

Then we found out you were sick

And stated to despair

Your Mummy and Daddy so frightened

Life is so unfair

You will always be in my heart

A little nephew I have got

I will never forget playing with your giant feet

In your tiny cot!

We had you in our lives

From just 15th to 18th of May

Your always in our thoughts and hearts

And we will meet again one day


My sister with Zak

My sister spending some time having a cuddle with Zak a few hours before he got his wings.

My sister with Zak


6 Responses

  1. Not much makes me cry mate, but that did. What a beautiful heart your sister has. It is both wonderful and awful that so many people love and miss Zak so much.

  2. You’re so lucky to have such a caring sister. You can really see her love for Zak in those photos.

  3. What a beautiful piece, and photos. Thank you for sharing with us. I have been wondering how you are and how Wed went.

  4. Beautiful. I am always touched when my own sister expresses her love for my Jessica. It’s nice to be reminded that they grieve with us, even when we’d rather them not be grieving at all
    Lovely Poem

  5. This is such a lovely poem. I’m so glad your sister was there with you and that she is so supportive. This is the way all families should be. Mine cannot deal at all, and when I see your wonderful sister in these photos, I know it would have made such a difference to us.

  6. How absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. I’ve said it before you are so blessed to have had the time you had with Zac. The moments to hold him, cherish him and love him. I know it wasn’t enough, how could it be. The photos are so precious, I love to see them and your gorgeous son…


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