My Friend Has Gone Missing :(

My friend was due to come visit me last week.  Its been over a month since I have seen her and was really looking forward to catching up.  She normally comes for a few days and its great to get together.  Have some company and just not have to be on my own when I go shopping.

Anyway, she just didn’t show up.  I was so worried about her.  I have tried to get hold of her for days now and just have no idea why she would leave me hanging.  I get worried easily you know.  My mind wonders off and thinks about a 100 different reasons as to why she just didn’t show.

A few of my other friends think shes a bitch.  They cant understand why I’m just not happy that shes ‘done the runner’.  They think shes unreliable and just comes to hurt me, but I was really looking forward to her visit this time.

If your reading this AF, please come visit soon.  I really need you here atm so I can start my next IVF cycle.  I know most that you visit don’t like you, and yes I have to admit there are months when I’m not that keen on you myself, but this month I was all set and prepared for your visit.  Your stuffing up my plans.


5 Responses

  1. hehe, cute post. Any luck yet?

  2. I was starting to feel really sad that a real friend had let you down. You are funny and thanks for making me smile. I hope she has now turned up and stopped ruining your plans. Hugs.

  3. How sad B, I am sorry she let you down.

  4. Hey Brenda, did she ever call you? If not, that’s pretty terrible. I am a worrier too, so I know I would be freaking out. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  5. Why do I think that she’s probably hiding somewhere and snickering at you?

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