Cycle Number 9 Is Off And Running

Well I went in for my day 2 scan and bt. Scan was all good. Lining is nice and small so off we go.

I’m on 975 GonalF for 6 days then it will be dropped to 775.  I’m having Cetrotide this cycle instead of Orgalutran. Normally Cetrotide is a lot more expensive and that’s why my Dr uses GonalF but the drug company they use did a deal with them so it works out about 1/2 the price for 4 days worth.

I asked him about having Pregnyl during the cycle this time and he already had me down to try it.  I’m also going to be on Clexane shots and Cardiprin again as well as my huge doses of progesterone. I think he has all the bases covered. Lol

So I go back next Friday for a scan at 5.30 AM!!!!!!!!! God this man is insane! We got there at 6.10 am today and there was about 30 people sitting in his waiting room.

I asked the nurse if she thinks he will let me do ‘back to back’ stim cycles. (I forgot to ask him when I was in there) she said she thinks he will be fine doing that. He does allow some of his girls to do ‘back to back’ stims.  The nurses there is so nice. She asked if I wanted her to give me my first injection today and I told her she could but only if she used the extra 75 in the pen. I told her if she was only going to give me 900 then I would do it at home. She just laughed and said ‘of course I could have the extra 75’!

Anyway that’s it from me. Had a lovely night out lastnight for our anniversary. Thanks to everyone for your lovely wishes.  I will catch up on everyone’s blogs in the next day or so.