My Little Update

Hi there all

Just wanted to say thanks for all your good wishes.
Had EPU yesterday.  We got 10 eggs.  7 were mature and were able to be
fertilised.  I just called the clinic and we have 5 embies.  So we are very happy with that.
I’m not sure what quality they are but with our track record I will be a happy women if we have one or two embies there tomorrow when we go in for transfer.
I’m feeling good, have no pain and thanks to my happy pills I’m feeling VERY calm.
Will let you all know tomorrow if we have any embies to transfer.

Our computer should be back and running tomorrow as well so that will be good and I will then be back to annoying you all, all day, every day.  🙂
I have not been able to read anyones blogs so I’m sure once the computer is back and running there will be loads for me to catch up on.

I hope your all doing really well.  I have been thinking of you all over the last week or so and hope to read lots of happy news!


4 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that all is well. Good luck with the transfer – will be thinking of you.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this news! It sounds like you have a good start there which I hope counts for something come tomorrow. Does your clinic have a limit on how many embies they will transfer at once? Anyway, good luck, I will be thinking good thoughts for you guys:)

    Jill x

  3. Wow B, that’s fabulous! Great epu, great fert – now let’s just hope you’ve got a couple of gorgeous ones for transfer…. xxx

  4. I have been wondering about you. Great news. Good luck for the transfer. Everything crossed for you.

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