Transfer #9 Has Been Done

Well the computer is fixed and the embies are in!

EPU went well.  The staff there are so nice.  I have a little bit of a panic thing that happens when going into have any kind of op.  Heart rate goes through the roof.  Once they hooked me up to the machines and could tell just how fast it as going they assured me that at least they could tell it was working.  🙂

They always have trouble getting my needles in and my last cycle they couldn’t get a vein so I was put to sleep with gas.  YUK.  God did I feel rat shit when I woke up.

The anaesthetist found a vein in a part of my arm that I didn’t even think had veins lol, but at least he found one.  A few seconds later I started to feel all funny and light headed.  I asked if I was on my way to a nice sleep but was told that they had not given me anything yet and that I was hyperventilating, hence my funny feeling. Roflol

We went in for transfer today and we still had our 5 embies.  They are not the best quality but then ours never are.  We had two popped back in and they will grow the other 3 till Friday.  I’m VERY sure they 3 will have ‘dropped dead’ by tomorrow but hey, we have never had more than two on day of transfer so if they last till tomorrow that’s still a better result than all our other cycles.

We are booked in to see the Dr tomorrow to book in to do ‘back to back’ cycles if this one doesn’t work.  See I’m already working our where we go from here.  🙂

I have not given up on my two little embies but I like to think ahead and have a plan.

Will keep you all posted on how the 3 other embies are going.

Now I’m off to read all your blogs and see what I have been missing.