My Fathers Day Gift To S


Just wanted to share with you all what I got S for Fathers Day.

I REALLY love this pic of the two of them. It was taken just after the tubes were taken out. (Zak is still alive)

S loved it. I also gave S a card from myself and one from Zak.I had the photo made into a 18 x 12 inch canvas print. You will have to excuse the funny colour it turned out when I took the pic of it on our bed room wall but I forgot to put the flash on. Lol

To Niobe and Meg, I also never realised till this year that Fathers Day is not on the same day all over the world. I think its kinda odd really that its not the same everywhere. 🙂


8 Responses

  1. B, that is just beautiful… x

  2. That is lovely.

    Also, glad you are back online. It felt odd that you were eupdating so infrequently recently.

  3. You seem to have so many beautiful pictures of Zak. This one, I think, is just about my favorite.

  4. that is beautiful B.

  5. Brenda, this is beautiful. I am really keen to try the printing on canvas thing–I love it. I’m glad that S liked his present. You, as always, continue to inspire me with the ways you remember Zak.

  6. Oh Brenda what an absolutely priceless, precious gift. Heartbreakingly beautiful…


  7. It’s a beautiful picture Brenda

  8. What a gorgeous photo and gift. Something to treasure forever. Have been thinking of you and your 2ww. Hugs.

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