A Very Small & Nothing Update

Well the 2ww is just flying by.  Nothing much happening here to give any indication either way so who knows.  I cant see how I could be pg from the embies that were put back in..  I will eat my hat if I am, and then worry that because of the quality of the embies I will probably give birth to a baby missing all its limbs!  🙂

I thought I had done rather well at not getting the revolting bruises this cycle due to not being on Orgalutran but look out, S was shocked lastnight when he went to give me my Clexane shot only to see the mess from the day befores Clexane.  It’s nearly 2 inches long!  I think it adds character to my otherwise pasty skin colour! Ha ha ha

Bt is this coming Friday.  Not long to go now.


How can one little needle do some much damage??!!


4 Responses

  1. Ouch, that looks so painful. Have been thinking of you and wishing you all the best for Friday. Hugs.

  2. Yikes, that is nasty….

    Hey, remember crappy embies can do wonderful things – I really hope that you get a lovely, amazing surprise. x

  3. Hey Brenda,
    Glad you are keeping occupied during the 2WW.
    Wishing you love, luck and positive vibes
    Mr Blue Sky x

  4. Brenda, that is one nasty bruise. I get those too (I have to get a heparin shot every night, and will have to for the next few months). I say the same thing about my pasty white skin!

    Sending lots of love and hope for Friday’s blood test. Praying for the little embryos! And yes, I have heard lots of stories of crappy embryos ending up as healthy babies. So fingers crossed.

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