For Meg & D

Meg and D, just wanted you both to know I will be thinking about you today. (Monday)

Beautiful M will be looking over you both. So proud that you are her parents.

Together you will get through this, not over it, not ever, but through it.

They say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, well you both must be two of the strongest people after all you have been through.

Take care of each other and remember many are here for you.


Don’t You Just Want To Roll Around With Her??

Thought I would add a couple of pics of Frankie.

She is getting so big now but is truly a beautiful natured dog.

I had my 7 month old nephew outside with her the other day for the first time and as I held his hands so he could stand, Frankie came over and dropped at his feet and rested her head on his foot. It was very cute. She did enjoy licking his toes though.

As much as she loves to play, run and nudge everyone, when it comes to the soft toys she has she really does look after them. She still has the ‘baby bunny’ that came home with her in a box when she was 6 weeks old that was her Mums. I have had to re stitch one of its ears on but I think that’s kinda good for a kids bunny that’s been carried around in a Rotty X Lab’s mouth for 13 months! 🙂

We found a lump on her elbow a few weeks ago and after taking her to the Vet and finding out it was tumor (yes I just about fainted) I’m very happy to say its just about gone. They said it was very common in puppies to get this kind of tumor and that a week of drugs and cream would probably fix it. If it was still there in a month they would take it off. She has finished her drugs now and its all but gone. I’m a VERY happy dog owner I don’t mind telling you.

I guess I should take some pics of the snake we own and post about him. His name is Marmaduke but hes not nearly as cute as Frankie and he doesn’t really do much! 🙂