Another EPU Over

Well what a bloody long day yesterday was. I was desperate to drink all day and then when I got to the clinic they were WAY behind so I was late going in. Didn’t come out of recovery till after 4.15 pm!

Woke up VERY sore this time and feeling rather faint. Nothing some Panadeine forte wont fix. 🙂

Well I have to say that even though they say ‘if you don’t respond to 450 you wont respond to 600’ I have once again proved their little theory wrong. While I find no difference between having 450 and 600 I obviously need the 900 to do anything good.

I’m still hoping to get just one or two nice looking embies for transfer on Friday. I have no idea what my eggs were like (immature and so on) as we didn’t speak to the scientist like normal. They were just so busy. But I was stoked to get 19 (YES 19!!!!) eggs again. Very good for a ‘poor responder’. Though maybe i cant carry that title anymore??
They are probably all stuffed and I will probably have only 1 or 2 average embies at the end of this. But hey, I’m use to it!

I feel really good today. Not much pain at all. I have to call the clinic at 8.30 am today to see if we have any embies and also to find out when transfer will be on Friday. Will keep you all posted.